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The Hollywood Reporter: HDNet Acquires Acclaimed Web Series ‘Goodnight Burbank’

By +Kim Sherrell

If you’ve ever worked on a sitcom in someone’s garage until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, you’ll forgive a brief lapse into a huge amount of NERD PRIDE right now. Huzzah!!!!!

The “first ever half-hour comedy made for the web” just became “the first ever half-hour comedy made for the web picked up by TV,” said showrunner +Hayden Black.

Hayden created the show and stars alongside Laura Silverman with guest appearances by Dominic Monaghan, John Barrowman and a great cast of accomplished actors in this unique and quirky show about fictional newscasters. I hope you’ll tune in and watch Season 1 beginning Oct 12. I had a blast working with Hayden and his fantastic cast and crew. Hayden is a very funny man, as you might know from reading his highly acclaimed Twitter feed.

+Hayden is on Google+ so please go circle him up. And, if you know +Mark Cuban, please tell him he has great taste in TV shows!

Hayden Black originally shared:

“So I’ve dreamed of this moment my whole life but never thought I’d get to say it. It’s surreal as hell and I’m left rather speechless so I’ll just say it. I’ve just scored my own TV show!”

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Executive Producer: Hayden Black
Consulting Producer: Laura Silverman
Co-Producer: Phil Ashcroft
Director: Tracie Laymon
Director: Canyon Prince
1st Assistant Director: Kim Sherrell
Cinematographer: Ivan Corona