Life Coach Leo Darwin appears to have everything. A thriving practice. A best-selling book. A beautiful wife and child at home. In reality, he’s being evicted from his office, his marriage is a mess, and his six-month old baby doesn’t have a name yet. His new client is about to have a breakthrough overcoming his fear of women. But the woman he’s fallen in love with is Leo’s wife.



Karl Kenzler (Leo),Christopher Gerson (Michael), Celia Keenan-Bolger (Charlie), Bill Heck (Jansen), Joel de la Fuente (Qui Na), Greg Ivan Smith (Therapist), Tarah Flanagan (Gaye).
Official website: ‘Darwin: The Series
Written by Karl Kenzler and Lynn Rosen
Produced by Karl Kenzler, Christopher Gerson, and Kim Sherrell
Directed by Carrie Preston

John Hoff published this in-depth interview with Karl and Chris. Read more: Paste Magazine. Watch Season 1 on SnagFilms.